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Shortly after turning eighteenth the Perkins triplets, India, Monaco and Egypt learn they have been living a lie. When one of the triplets is kidnapped their mother is forced to reveal a family secret so inescapable, it followed her half way around the world.  Now that secret has followed them to America where two separate groups have watched them from birth, waiting as one of the girls unlocks the secret to an equation for walking through walls, that both groups must have.


Follow the girls as they search for their sister, travel the world and hunt for answers as they uncover clues to go back in time to an ancient prophecy with links to a global shadow group, which will stop at nothing to steal the formula.


What would somebody do for that kind of power? What would you do if they were after you? Who could you trust?


Journey with us as the girls become either victors or pawns in the biggest game on earth, for world dominance.


The Liberty Codes Revealed takes you on a journey of universal proportions to find answers that may be hidden in plain sight.


Who will own the formula? Own the world?

The Liberty Codes Preview - Chapter 1

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